Over the past year, I've struggled with increasing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome - headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, and crushing fatigue! At the same time, the issue had become popular in health topics discussed in media outlets - there's even a new documentary showing how debilitating the syndrom can become for sufferers. I was looking at two equally poor options of 1. taking heavy medications to control sypmtoms, and 2. a decreasing ability to participte in life's activities.

After suffering a particular vicious attack, in which I was so DRAINED, and in which I was not able to move for 12 hours, I called the Heaing Rooms team for prayer. I received powerful prayers, prophecies and directon on how God would lead me to over come this illness.  I heard from the team that God would lead me through victory, to focus on God/scriptures, and to not delve into researching the illness as I had begun to do.

Sure enough, at the start of the year, with some prayer, fasting and plenty of rest, God began to lead me to the physician I needed, and He gave me the power to stop consuming some foods that turned out to be harmful for me, and the power to begin consuming new, healthful foods.

Unbelievable! No medication involved.  I'm feeling energetic and hopeful about full restoration.

3 John 1:2 " I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." 2017 - C.P.

I initially heard about the healing rooms from a friend at church and decided to research more about exactly what a John G. Lake healing rooms is.

Upon arriving, the environment was very refreshing and inviting with worship music.  I was presented with a paper to fill out to address some areas I needed healing in.  A group of four people invited me into a room after beliievng God to reveal to them what I had written on the info sheet.

Each person gave me what God gave them. One, in particular, walked me through the healing of my late father, as I had not properly grieved due to my age when I lost him.  It brought much relief and a weight off of my shoulders.  I cried, but they were so gracious and allowed the Holy Spirit to flow.

The healing rooms is definitely an experience for those seeking true healing in any are of your life.  You will be welcomed to share anything without judgement.  They truly believe and receive words from God to help you identify and ccome to terms with issues in your life. 2017 - J.S.